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Lecture 10

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Art History
ARTH 2150
Andrew Sherwood

ARTH 2150 Lecture 10 9/30/2013 7:27:00 AM Hittite Linear B Ventris and Chadwick Post and Lintel Compression (good for post and lintel) Tension (post and lintel terrible for) Arch (therefore the arch was made to replace post and lintel) Corbel Tholos/oi – tombs in Mycenaean world Sally Port Cistern Postern – the back Ashlar – stone type used, large rectilinearly blocks Polygonal – large irregular looking blocks Cyclopean - ^^ are said to be made by Cyclopes b/c they’re so big Megalithic – big stone construction Tomb of Agamemnon/Treasury of Atreus – largest tholos tomb found so far _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ - splinter groups of Hittites – moves to mainland ** - the expansion of the Mycenaean’s can be seen in the citadels - 2nd stage has wall encompass Grave Circle A – wanted to protect the valuable bodies/treasures - tholoi tombs are outside the walls - Mycenaean city wall – stones shaped but not identically, strong through its roughness - Large lion relief sculpture above the main entrance – post and lintel doorway - called the Killing Court, on 3 sides people can be herded and fired down upon when being attacked - meant to be impressive, dominates you and makes you feel small - principal entrance –Lions Gate (bodies of 2 lions or maybe Griffons), - there are problems with post and lintel construction with stone, if its only supported on the ends there is a slight bend in the stone and it can crack - used corbelling (vault arch) to help with tension, weight is lessened and the stones above the lintel are putting more pressure on the outer stones - going through the Lions Gate you come to GC A on the right -
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