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Art History
ARTH 2550
Sally Hickson

January 8th, 2014 • Mix of Antiquity (Greek and Roman style) and Byzantine • Antiquity started to reappear in Rome • Focus on male nudes and 3D figures; patterned and draped clothing; columns; • Byzantine art focused on spirituality and the power of the Christian Church • Lots of gold altarpieces; rich colour and jewels; more 2D figures Giotto, St. Francis Sermon to the Birds, fresco (1295-1300) • Franciscans : suffering of Christ/humanistic • Naturalism • Revival of preaching FraAngelico, Flagellation of Christ, fresco (1440-41) • Dominicans: cult of Virgin Mary • Mendicant orders: beggars; live in a community together depending on charity • Focus on preaching and education; Built more churches as popularity and message spread Cathedral of Notre Dame, building began in 1163, nave in 1182-96, façade 1200-1250 • Permeability, brightly lit Florence, Baptistery, cathedral and campanile, 11c • Roman style • Rounded arches, columns (decorative) Facade of San Miniato al Monte, 1090 (façade 12c), Florence • Mix of Gothic and Roman styles • Pointy roof, rounded arches and columns Roman motifs in Italy. Why? • Available materials, what was practical at the time, what people know how to do Pisa Cathedral complex, cathedral 1065, baptistery begun 1150, campanile (leaning tower) begun 1194 • Greek: columns hold things up; this was roman: columns are decorative • Running arcades, horseshoe-like arches • Sculptural effects • Inside the baptistery is the baptismal font Nicola Pisano, Pulpit in Pisa baptistery, marble (1260) • Early classicism • Hexagonal • Speaking post decorated with an eagle= words take flight • Pisano left a signature of sorts; this was the beginning of emphasis on the importance as artists as individuals • Relief sculpture depicting the life of Christ annunciation to the last judgment Adoration of the Magi (c 1260) • Depicted 3 wise men • Glimmer of classicism: very stylized and patterned hair, clothing was draped in the Greek style (very stylized, zig zag order) • Not very naturalized • Left over Gothicism • Faces have Roman features • Gothic/byzantine perspective: hierarchical sizing (most important figures are the largest example Mary) • N
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