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Lecture 12


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Art History
ARTH 3220
Alla Myzelev

Lecture 12 Oct. 16. 2012 Midterm Identifying: People in the writings - Queen Elizabeth - J-lo etc Difference between Fundamentalism and Nationalism Carlos Fresquez, Tiempo Trippin’, 2004. - working US and Mexico - commenting on; - smily face - people more important than history, layers of history - smily a local symbol, globally understood, - globally vs. over a certain nation - = a universal symbol - on top of culture specific artifact Artist: acting as US, globalization, slapping face over it. Imprint their cultural values onto all. - vandalism - as a negative - or neutral commentary? - or as positive? constructed Ilya Kabakov, The Man Who Flew Into Space From His Apartment, 1985 •“I built the installation ‘The man who flew into space‘ in the corner, I glued Soviet posters from inside of it and I would take it down after each showing for fear that hey (the soviets government) would drop
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