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Lecture 11


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Art History
ARTH 3220
Alla Myzelev

Lecture 11 Oct. 11. 2012 •Advertisement for the EU •Using the ‘other’ – racist •White European women to civilize them? •Kill Bill reference Eric Hobsbawm, Nations and Nationalism since 1780: programme, myth, reality Talking about Europe – and taking apart the idea of the Soviet Union and what it was before the Revolution - 1989 - Issues of ethnic debate and separation are the result of “unfinished business” of the period 1919 to 1920 - Making an argument that National debates resurfaced once the Soviet Union fell apart - When the soviet union was created the way they divided their republics and territories were not precisely the same – arbitrary border - Separate between countries and cultures – but it helps to unify people? - In order for the soviet union to become an imagined community is the linguistic hege- mony - All the other languages were obliterated and Russian was dominate - Fall of Berlin wall, 1989 - The result of the fall of the Berlin wall and the soviet union caused a rethinking of what it meant to belong, to be a part of a nation - No one expected the wall to fall - West Berlin made up of French, British and American sectors, East Berlin made up of Russian sector - German Unification 1871 - In the 20th century nation building is Unifactory and Emancipatory - Around 1980-1990 idea of nationalism changes, Exclusionary model = every nation is a state, a state for every nation - Why does this happen? Instead of creating an imagined community that unifies now the model is exclusionary - Time and again such movements of ethnic identity come from fear of weakness Clip – Greece’s Golden Dawn Populist National Movement - Model of exclusionary nationalism - Greece is facing severe financial trouble, Greece is a gateway to Europe for the Arab countries, people who would like to immigrate to Europe come to Greece or Turkey - One of the reasons Golden Dawn surfaced was because police does not respond, the budget has been severally cut back, Golden Dawn set up a calling centre so that if there was a conflict between a Greek and an ‘other’ they could call Golden Dawn to
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