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Lecture 6


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University of Guelph
Art History
ARTH 3220
Alla Myzelev

Lecture 6Sept 25 2012FaustoSterling Anne Gender Race and Nation The Comparative Anatomy of Hottentot Women in Europe 18151817racial and national boundaries a woman brought to Europe England and Ireland from South Africa With the aim of showing her as a specimen samplenamed her Sara Bardman to give her pronounceable name when died her genitals and body became sample And scientific proof ofpresumably she signed a contract 12 guinas a year slightly below a yearly salary of a servantbut not doing servant work put in cage and part of traveling circuswhy important to show her aroundvery few africans in LondonIreland at the time bring the gaze the other a female would embody the african difference she illustrated for Europeans a particular type of otherness domination over woman even this one from a differen
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