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University of Guelph
Art History
ARTH 3220
Alla Myzelev

Lecture 4 Sept. 18th / 2012 Discussing article “Spectacular Nation Nkrumahist Art and Resistance Iconography in the Ghanaian Independence Era” by Janet Hess. - art historical perspectives on African modernism - when dies, his body, his person, becomes part of the narrative as well - important readings for understanding a perspective out side of the Western world Ashante Culture •The Ashante (or Asante) Empire (or Confederacy), also Asanteman (1701-1896) •Legend of Golden Stool - Ghana trying to represent themselves, small country in Eastern Africa. - attempting individual identity •Kwame Nkrumah, in power from 1957-1966 - Time magazine cover - altered, lighter skin (less black appeal) etc Icons of Divinity Elizabeth I - Image by Hans Holbein - the virgin queen - symbolism; pearl hanging by genital area = chastity, she is above the carnal desire - the Icon - to be fortified and admired Anne Boleyn - Image - wife of Henry VIII Image: “Mother Jak”, The Lady Mary, Prince Edward, Henry VIII, Jane Seymour, The Lady Elizabeth, and Wil Somers, 1545 - iconography Image: Coronation of Elizabeth I, 1558 (painted in 1600) what is the difference from other image by Holbein. - feminine, facing forward, more womanly - painted after the fact thus the artist knew about her and what happened, her fame and belovedness, her strengt
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