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University of Guelph
Arts and Sciences
ASCI 1010
Jordan Willcox

Evolution v. Intelligent Design March-13-13 What We Know - Debate on teaching evolution in public schools - Molecular and genetics to support evolution, hasn't damped anti-evol. Development - Birth and death and religion - Long lasting debate - US and Canada - Bill Maher - storks delivering babies - challenged by religious groups - Darwin's theory is currently being taught - Religious groups protesting the teaching of Darwin's theories - Intelligent design will be taught by science teachers What We Don't Know - Can private/private religious schools teach whatever they want? - DO catholic and public boards have to teach the same thing? - Does it apply to universities too? - What churches? - How may kids identify as religious in school? - Genetic basis of evolution? - What religious groups support evolution? - What is Intelligent design? - Religious based design? - Creationism vs. intelligent design? - How prominent in Canada? - Any other subjects banned in schools? - Who decides curriculum? - Performance difference between schools? - Support for I.D.? - Legal issues for teachers? - Who is Charles Darwin? - Is I.D. a science? Does it qualify as a science? - Do religious schools teach evolution? - Does learning about religion go against the charter of rights and freedoms - Does I.D. contradict evolution? - Appropriate for religion and public to blend? - How are school boards funded? - Different religions in religious schools? - Why do we need to learn about evolution? - Taught in other countries? (evolution) - Why can't they teach I.D. in religion classes? - Who is teaching I.D.? - Consequences for scientific research after studying I.D.?] More Questions - Herbert Spencer - What is evolution? - Descent with modification, change in inherited
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