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ASCI 2000 class 2

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University of Guelph
Arts and Sciences
ASCI 2000
Pat Barclay

ASCI2; Class 02 Science as a Process What is science: - A means of determining the truth about something; a way of knowing whether a particular claim is true or false - Collection of facts? - A process; a way of knowing about the world - Particular subject of study - Means of determining the truth about an observable fact 1) Make observations 2) Form hypothesis to explain 3) Make NEW predictions 4) Controlled testing of those predictions (always comparing something to something else) 5) Support or reject hypothesis based on the preponderance of data  (Steps 4 & 5 are what really makes something science)  The scientific method can be applied to topics in most subjects – not limited to “traditional” sciences - When referring to “Science” in this lecture, referring to the PROCESS, not the subjects. What Kind of Analysis? - Colour: beauty or wavelengths? - “The botanist looking at a daffodil has no reason to dispute the right of the poet to look at the same object in a very different manner.” What kind of question is being asked? - Factual (e.g. does/did the world work this way?) - Values (e.g. should the world work this way?) - Interpretative (e.g. what can this mean to us?) Science
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