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ARTH 2550 Lecture Notes - Filippo Brunelleschi, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Orsanmichele

Art History
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ARTH 2550
Sally Hickson

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January 29th, 2014
Dominican monastery of San Marco
- Medici - buying their way into the government
- Cosimo had a cell there for when he wanted to retire from public life
The monastery hallways, San Marco, Florence
- Different life of Christ and passion of Christ frescoes in each cell
- Induce a state of contemplation
Fra Angelico, the mocking of Christ, cell fresco from the monastery of San Marco,
Florence, 5.9
- Very imaginative
- Essentializing important main figures
- Illusionism- visionary process
- Christ’s gaze has been compromised to allow the viewer in
- Disembodied figures/space
Lorenzo Monaco, Man of sorrows with instruments of the passion, before 1425
- Iconographical/traditional with new techniques used
- Miraculous, not painted by the artist’s hand
Fra Angelico Lippi (1406-1469), the Tarquinii Madonna, panel, 1437, Rome,
- Maternal more than spiritual
- Focus on bodies and humanism
Madonna and child with two angels, panel, c1455, Florence, Uffizi (5.10)
- Figures fleshy, more realistic century garments
- Very fashionable- wearing 15
- Rich landscape seen through a window
- Figures turned sideways, not centered
- Equality between the Virgin and Christ
- Female beauty being employed (idealized)
- Plucked hairline back so forehead would resemble a pearl
- Mingling earth and spirit
- Achieve synthesis of world and flesh
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