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FinalExamPractiseQuestionsThesearejusttogetsomepractiseandgetafeelformyquestionsThisisnotmeanttoberepresentativeofthebalanceofquestionsfromdifferentsectionsthatIwouldaskTheanswersareprovidedattheveryend1ThephysiologicalresponsetostressisinitiatedbytheCNShypothalamusleadingtostimulationoftheadrenalglandsWhichsubstanceisreleasedbyadrenalcortexaepinephrinebadrenocorticotropichormoneccortisoldnorepinephrine2 Which of the following will NOT occur as a consequence of the release of epinephrinea increased release of amino acidsb increased gluconeogenesisc increased glycogenolysisd increased lipolysis3 Insulin is secreted by thecells of the pancreas and stimulatesa alphaanabolismb betaanabolismc alphacatabolismd betacatabolism4 Breakdown of glycogen stores in what organ is required for the maintenance of blood glucosea skeletal muscleb pancreasc liverd adipose tissue5 An increase in catecholamines during exercise causes a general vasoconstriction in most vascular beds in the bodyWhich of the follow statements is NOT TRUEa the accumulation of metabolites eg CO2 H adenosine in active muscle cause dilationb the presence of specific beta2 receptors cause dilation in the heart and musclec the dilation in active muscle reduces total peripheral resistance preventing large increases in MAPd blood flow to the GI tract also increases dramatically to facilitate water and glucose absorption6 Blood flow velocity is greatest in theand slowest in the a arteries veinsb arterioles veinsc arteries capillariesd capillaries arteriese veins arteries
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