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Lecture 6

BIOL 1050 Lecture 6: POLS 3270 Week 6

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BIOL 1050
Lori Jones

Week 6 USER FEES - One of own source revenues for municipalities - Transit, recreational fees - Development charges - Contentious for some councils, charges for development make people wary to develop there, because of globalization we need competitive rates, tend to be uniformly applied even though costs are typically more when you are expanding outward not upward, less costly to approve developments where there is already roads and sewage MUNICIPAL BUDGTING Operational – day to day, key costs for programs and services, human resources eats up tremendous amount of budget, downsizing is fastest way to get rid of spending (human capital), also includes printing, training, development Capital- larger bricks and mortar type purchases, municipalities can borrow to build a new library, can’t borrow money for operational budgets, books need to be balanced for municipalities User pay budgets – other services city provides but don’t generate revenues from general tax base, parking in Guelph user paid budget via bus passes, tickets, by-law tickets, meters - Staff prepare budget based on recommendations from CAO - When it comes to budgeting there is so much pressure on councillors to make the budget work, but so much is mandated by ABC’s, basically left with 63% of budget, but that 63% is basically city staff, only real way to reduce is get rid of people/services, if you’re trying to save money in a 200 million dollar budget (Guelph) you would need to cut tons of $50,000 services to make a difference ALTERNATIVE REVENUE SOURCES - One time infusion of cash does not resolve funding issues, want long term support - Gas tax, part if Paul Martin’s new deal for cities - Federal government needed to make deals with all ten provinces so gas tax money would be spent correctly in provinces, Quebec was super annoyed Federal government was interfering in affairs - Commitment from federal government .5 cents from every litre - General revenue – where does money go? Should money be used for environmental protection? If it’s gas tax maybe it should all be going to highways - Provincial commitment .2 cents per liter, federal .5 cents a litre - Harper subsidized buss pass, politicians at local level could therefore increase cot of bus pass - Toronto began lobbying for hotel tax (3%) to fund tourism Toronto - Can really help market places as tourist destination, voluntary levy in city of Toronto, hotels don’t have to participate but they can if they want - Land transfer tax – you need to pay to provincial government if you’re buying home, now in Toronto you pay one to federal government and one to Toronto directly - Vehicle registration tax ($60), Rob Ford got rid of this PRINCIPALS OF SMART GROWTH - Corporations, only concerned about bottom line, have responsibility to make return for share holders - Strong economy is needed for smart growth, economy is blamed on government - Clean healthy environment, cities have central role to play in dealing with environment, municipalities need to find way to reduce impact - Spund decisions incorporate all 3 CRITICAL ELEMENTS TO SMART GROWTH - Require more collaboration, among municipalities, regions, public/private sector, levels of government, different ministerial departments (complex challenges, need to be collaborated on horizontally) make investments in infrastructure that improve things (like expanding GO) - Integrated decision making, transportation, public housing, public investment, one area has a broad impact - Make decisions with understanding financial reality government needs to operate in, last decade government has been spending too much (federal & provincial) has implications on the future, this is what justifies Wynn privatizing hydro SMART GROWTH IMPLEMENTATION - Need people/resources dedicated to see through implementation of policy - Smart growth secretariat, short lived reported to ministerial cabinet, was responsible for making sure smart growth strategy was implemented, had internal/external role with provincial government (internal) and municipalities (external), tried to create new relationships with private sector for different regions (like waste disposal) - Spring 2001 consultation – municipal affairs & housing department was responsible for this minister, gathered ideas about how province could move forward, greater golden horseshoe has very different problems than Northern people (17 one day sessions) 700 stake holders, civic groups, businesses, healthcare, social services, colleges/universities, agriculture - 3 meetings with elected councils/municipal elected officials - Written submissions – engage public, much easier - 10,000 website visits, promote new way to think about growth ONTARIO SMART GROWTH STATEGY - Recognition different regions have different needs, different perceptions/attitudes and proximity to states matter, most fertile agricultural land in greater horseshoe where there is massive cities, some cities like Mississauga have hit capacity - Strategy works for Ontario, wouldn’t necessarily work in other provinces - Growth management – estimated early 2000’s looking forward to 2031, anticipated grater golden horseshoe would grow up to 4 million people, will have serious impact, other cities don’t grow at all - Northern ON, growth promotion - Growth has different meanings, population, demand for services, etc. Cannot be one size fots all approach, merit in trying to establish province wide guidelines, municipalities can make desions that have negative concequnces for neighbours/province, wanted municipalities to be more united GOALS OF SMARTH GROWTH - Still Harris Government, McGunity Liberals weren’t against smart growth but didn’t want to embrace Conservative approach so came up with
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