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BIOL 1070
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011 BIO Week 1- LEC 2 What is Biodiversity?  Variations in species  Variations in adaptation to climate, surroundings (ecology)  Interactions between different streams in biology  Variations in genes  Shaped by billions of years of evolutionary history of life forms interacting with each other and their environment  Altered by human activity with lasting impacts at large scales that are difficult to predict. Evolution:  Theodosius Dobzhansky  Darwin: o Descent with modification from common ancestors o Wrote “Origin of Species” Freshwater Mussels: What factors contribute to threats to native freshwater mussel biodiversity in the Great Lakes region?  Invasive species competing for resources  Slow reproduction  Pollution  Changing habitat  Water temperature change  Human impacts  Overfishing Two types of mussels:  Dreissenidae & Unionoids  TABLE: answer- C. Life Cycles and Larval Types: Freshwater bivalves develop in 3 ways:  Bivalves: developed in two sections-bilateral symmetry  Develop the most in the early stages (larval stages) 1. Producing veliger larvae (eg. Dreissena Polymorpha) 2. By releasing fully developed young mussels (rare) 3. By passing early development as a parasitic stage on a host (eg. Unionids) Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Unionids Life cycle:  Juveniles sit in the mud for months, eating and growing- then become an adult (sexually mature)  In the Unionids, there is female gonads in females and male gonads in males  Males produce sp
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