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Lecture 3

BIO Week 3- LEC 5

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BIOL 1070
Wright& Newmaster

BIO Week 3- LEC 5 Specialization, Extinction and Speciation Anatomy of a Mussel  Divided into three major parts: Visera, muscular foot and mantle  Molluscs all have a mantle o The phylum all have similar parts but the different classes have more disparity  Cephalopods- squids, octopus  Bivalves- scallops, clams and oysters Mantle: folding of the body wall that lines shell; secretes shell substance (shell made up of calcium carbonate) Mantle Cavity: houses gills- important for respiration and digestion Adaptation is the evolutionary change over thousands of generations, enhances survival and reproduction through natural selection. “Co-option” of a functional tissue into a new additional function. Ex. Mantle  complex lure  Not all simple lures go into a complex lure  If one of the host species for a mussel became extinct,  On average, species persist for about 4 million years (or about 25% go extinct ever
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