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Harvey Marmurek

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Biology 1070 January 12 , 2012  Keep a list of technical terms and learn them – also keep the list handy What we know already? Factors affecting diversity  Invasive zebra mussels  Agricultural run-off – erosion  Human activity (?)  Pollution – drugs  Water temp  Over – fishing of host fish  Changes in predation Describe as many traits of the native unionid mussels and of the invasive zebra mussels as you can. (In this region, specific to this type) This information is from the online information (readings for wk1 quiz) Traits NATIVE  Two siphons  Obligate in larval parasitic stage  Separate male and female  Internal fertilization  Unionde family  Burrow in sand INVASIVE  Two siphons  Free – living  Hermaphditic  External fertilization 
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