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University of Guelph
BIOL 1070
T.Ryan Gregory

1/20/2014 Learning Outcomes 1. Apply skills in organizing complex information to a real  biological challenge. Active Learning 2. Review some common misconceptions about evolutionary  Identifying a Specimen trees. Ahcteie lrarinin TgeIden: ify ian a soercieeerns! Actei e lrarini TgeIdme: Yiy ian a sopercieeerns! If you worked for Fisheries and Oceans Canada and found a mussel shell in a river, how would you go about identifying it quickly and accurately? Activity: 1. Working with a small group of colleagues, use your field guide to identify your specimen. 2. Write down the number on the shell and your proposed identification (common name, species name, field guide page #). These shells are the property of the Department of Integrative Biology ? and were collected under permit. Many of them are endangered. It is illegal to possess these shells without a permit. So please BE CAREFUL and BE SURE TO RETURN THEM! # Common name Species Subfamily Page # Common name Species Subfamily Page 1 Snuffbox ♂ ) Epioblasma triquetra Lampsilinae 41 E 15 Fragile papershell Leptodeafragilis Lampsilinae 46 2 Snuffbox ♀ ) Epioblasma triquetra Lampsilinae 41 E 16 Zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha 9 3 Kidneyshell Ptychobranchus fasciolaris Lampsilin53 E 17 Northern rifflesh♂ll ( ) Epioblasma torulosa rangiana Lampsi40naeE 4 Salamander mussel Simpsonaias ambiguia Anodontinae 36 E 18 Northern rifflesh♀ll ( ) Epioblasma torulosa rangiana Lampsi40naeE 5 Round hickorynut Obovaria subrotunda Lampsilinae 51 E 19 Round pigtoe Pleurobema sintoxia Ambleminae 24 E 6 Rainbow mussel Villosa iris Lampsilinae 58 E 20 Purple wartyback Cyclonaias tuberculata Ambleminae 19 7Rayd  bean ♂ ) Villosa fabalis Lampsilinae 57 E 21 Threeridge Amblema plicata Ambleminae 18 8Rayd  bean ♀ ) Villosa fabalis Lampsilinae 57 E 22 Giant floater Pyganodon grandis Anodontinae 35 9ekSpi Elliptio dilatata Ambleminae 22 23 Mucket Actinonaiasligamentina Lampsilinae 39 10 Zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha 9 24 Flutedshell Lasmigona costata Anodontinae 33 11 Threehorn wartyback Obliquaria reflexa Lampsilinae 49 25 White heelsplitter Lasmigona complanata Anodontinae 31 12 Fatmucket ♂ ) Lampsilis siliquoidea Lampsilinae 45 26 Pink heelsplitter Potamilus alatus Lampsilinae 52 13 Waveyrayed lampmussel ♂ ) Lampsilis fasciola Lampsilinae 43 E 27 Zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha 9 14 Waveyrayed lampmussel ♀ ) Lampsilis fasciola Lampsilinae 43 E 28 Deertoe Truncilla truncata Lampsilinae 56 29 Fawnsfoot Truncilla donaciformis Lampsilinae 55 E 1 1/20/2014 Clie Le qneintiTnam: You and Your Peers! Clie Le qneintTenam: You and Your Peers! 2. What was the biggest challenge to getting a correct identification? (Choose one) 1. Did your team correctly identify the specimen? A) We narrowed it down to a few species, but variation in characters within species made it hard to choose one. A) Yes B) No B) The specimen lacked one of the key characteristics we expected for that species and/or had one normally found in another species. C) The specimen was damaged, dirty, immature, or the wrong part of the shell. D) The information in the field guide was not organized in a straightforward way (i.e., no taxonomic key). E) None, we were awesome and got it right easily. Announcements Inquiry Case Exam #1 – Tuesday, January 28th, 5:30pm. CLADE (Monophyletic) This exam will be written in three different locations on campus The locations are organized alphabetically by surname: If your surname begins with Aal - Medthen you will write in room 104 Rozanski Hall. If your surname begins with Mel - She th
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