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BIOL 1070
Shoshanah Jacobs

January3014137 PMLevels of Biological Organization NESTED hierarchy Ecosystem CommunityPopulationIndividualOrgantissueCellMoleculesWays of characterizing diversity Within a habitat or region 1 Alpha a diversityDiversity WITHIN one habitat Usually measured by total number of species referred to as species richnessCOUNT UP ALL DIFFERENT KINDS OF SPECIESFor example Habitat One and Habitat Two both have three tree species meaning they have even alpha diversity EvennessNumber of individuals in species proportional to the others 2Continued example Habitat One has two trees in each species meaning it has even species richness while Habitat Two has a dominant species so it is uneven species richness Calculated using the Shannon Diversity index H number of individuals in species one number of individuals in all species x lnnumber of individuals in species onenumberof individuals in all specieseach other species measured Species Accumulation Curves Estimate how well levels of diversity have been captured by sampling When curve starts to level off and each new plot turns up less and less new species the sampling has determined species richness When the curve levels off sampli
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