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Abiotic & Biotic Factors

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BIOL 1070
Wright& Newmaster

Mon, NOVEMBER 14 ! th What abiotic factors challenge Arctic plants??? Abiotic Factors & Impact/ challenge: Terrain (tough, cold wind), Availability of Light (short days not much light, or long days of light) Permafrost (difficult for plants to survive, limits access to resources (nutrients/moisture), Exposure to harsh winds (physical pressure on leaves, hard to deal with, high wind desiccation, wind damage) , Air Temp (tissue Damadge due to temp extremes), Snow Cover (Shelter from the wind and insulates temp extremes), precipitations/moisture (lack of moisture below freezing temps; air is very dry at low temps) Soil nutrients ( restricted nutrient availability; slow microbial decompostition and mineralization rates of organic matter constrained by low temps), Geo-physical (scouring by ice, snow pack, spring/summer erosion) What are the adaptations of arctic plants: Hairy leaves and stem; small size ; small leaves Increased anoxia tolerance; small size; shorter life cycle Deep pigmentation (absorb more radiant energy); increased respiration; long life cyc
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