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BIOL 1070 Lecture Notes - Ice, Supercooling, Body Fluid

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BIOL 1070
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Monday, November 28th
I CLICKER: Normally, body fluids of fish in temperate waters
have a freezing
point somewhere between -0.6 and -1.1ºC whereas seawater
at -1.9ºC. Why don’t Arctic fish freeze in water at a temperature
of -1.5ºC?
A.Due to the noncolligative properties of the body fluid
Colligative: antifreezers lower freezing point of body fluids by
increasing concentration of solutes. (ex. glycerol, propaline glycol)
Noncolligative antifreezes lower the freezing point of body
fluids because of specialized chemical properties.
What strategies do Arc ectotherms use to survive
Winter conditions?
Strategies Freeze tolerance Freeze intolerance
1. behavioural avoidance X
2. production of antifreeze X X
3. synthesis of ice X
nucleating agents
4. supercooling (temperate X
NOT arctic species)
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