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Lecture 16

BIOL 1080 Lecture 16: Bio 1080 Lecture Notes

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BIOL 1080
Jim Kirkland

process o f preg Nc in which the which feeds back on the system stimulahra it more. outcome, shuts d a n process Posishve v negative feedback loops reduces yet lag pineal gland, melatonin function sleep produce ha ona ,melatonin. stimulates uterine... contractions t milk production or pituitary Insulin shock body actively produces B cell memory T-cells after exposure to antigen. vaccinators active. Vs: Passive Temporary imm respons e that develops when an hbodies are administered bacterium. produces fever of Red blood cells. Plasma sphygmomanometer measunng blood pressure. Suorum sensing t Chemicot signaling planktonic state cloahn rat seg Ketone bodles N d abetes Ketosis nsulin regiated Qucose Hansporter GLUT Syndrome accumulation o A lipid po toxicity intermediate in adipose tissue nan-od Cell dses Anchon or apoptosis
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