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Lecture 7

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BIOL 1080
David Dyck

Lecture 7 Slide 1: The Control and Communication Network  The Central Nervous System : Brain & Spinal Chord  The Peripheral Nervous System: Somatic Nervous System & Autonomic Nervous System  The Endocrine System :Endocrine System & Exocrine System with Endocrine-like Activity  The Local Support and Defense System: Maintenance and Support System, adaptation and repair system, resident defense system and migrant Defense System Slide 2: CNS Peripheral : sensory input , motor output, can be voluntary of involuntary. Slide 3: 5 types of CNS cells 1. Neurons 2. Oligodendrocytes (CNS) and Schwann cells (PNS) 3. Astrocytes 4. Microglia 5. Ependymal Cells #2 to 5 are sometimes classified together as “glial”, or non-neuronal cells. Slide 4 -8: Neuron  Axon, dendrites, cell bodies, nodes of ranvier, schwann cells  Myelin sheaths allow for nerve impulses to travel much faster (MS is the deterioration or lack of this sheath)  Nerve impulses are sent across the axon, with is released through the use of a neurotransmitter into the synaptic junction, where the neurotransmitter is released into the post synaptic membrane, where it is diffused.  Neurons can either be inhibitory or excitatory  Neurons diverge and connect onto multiple neurons, ddivergence does not speed up transmission, but rather just spreads it out Slide 11: Oligodendrocytes (CNS) and Schwann Cells (P
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