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Lecture 6

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University of Guelph
BIOL 1080
David Dyck

Lecture 6 Slide 1:  Goal : Trying to change the metabolic activity of the cell  Lipid : Turn on your genes, by changing the protein shape…can also turn off the genes that make new proteins Slide 2: Signal Transduction – Lipophilic Messenger  Regardless of how the messenger enters the cell, it ends up in a hormone-receptor complex in the nucleus  Amplification : although there is only one hormone receptor, multiple mRNA can be formed and thus many proteins can be formed  cAMP = 2 msnger Slide 5 -7 : Signal Transduction – Hydrophilic Messengers  Example of cascade during exercise→  Epineephrine (messenger, increased during exercise)  Increase in cAMP formation  Activate protein kinase A  Activates hormone sensitive lipase ( targets trigylcerides)  Activate lipolysis and release of fatty acids  Insulin does the opp. (reduces cAMP)  Consequence of cAMP activation in various target tissues: o Muscle: facilitate glycogenolysis (glycogen phosphorylase) and lipolysis (hormone sensitive lipase). Relatively minor role, because in muscles, when Epinephrine is released, cAMP is activated, thus activating, glycogenolysis and lipolysis. The effects are less pronounced i
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