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BIOL 1080
Jim Kirkland

Bacteria and Quorum Sensing March-03-14 7:00 PM Bacteria • Oldest living organismson the Earth • Singlecelled • Grow and divideconstantly • Ten timesmore bacterial cellsthen human cells on a human being • Bacteria are involvedin keeping us alive,but there are some notorious bacteria that are really bad Bioluminescence: QuorumSensing: • Certaintype of bacteria gaveoff lightwhen there was dense gathering of them, but didn't when they were in a dilute solution. • Bacteria can sense more bacteria by having moleculesfloating around them which interact with other bacterial moleculesto sense how many are surrounding them. • BACTERIA TALK TO EACH OTHER: Bacteria have signal producing protein and signal receptor protein which acts as a lock and key with the sensing molecule.When there are enough molecules, lightis turned on in all bacteria. • ACT AS MULTICELLULAR ENTITIES: Pathogens communicate in a similarway to stay dormant and wait until they detect enough other bacteria a
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