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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Notes

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BIOL 1080
David Dyck

Another way in which biological systems are scaled is from the dimension of timeScaling of Time in Biology and HealthScale 1 Growth Development and Aging Life as Trajectory years decadesScale 2 Maintenance and Repair Life as Rhythmsdays weeks monthsScale 3 Homeostasis Life as Balance seconds minutes hoursScale 4 Action Potentials and Enzyme CatalysisLife as Energy and Information Flow milliseconds microsecondsThe HALE is produced by the WHO and is the estimated Healthy Life Expectancy which is defined as Average number of years that a person can expect to live in full health by taking into account years lived in less than full health due to disease andor injuryBiomarkers y can be many types depending on the disciplineeg blood valuesanthropomorphic measurements etc y almost all health assessments are based on some form of numerical measurement which will have normal ranges with confidence intervals and diagnostic value if they are too high or too low y most of these change during the lifespan and the values have to be interpreted in relationship with the age sex and physiological state of the pati
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