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University of Guelph
BIOL 1080
Jim Kirkland

Bio 1080 Lecture 1 Reading ch 1a p 112 in text ch 2d course reading on CLT TEXT Ch 1d pp 5675 ch 2a pp 8084 ch 2b p 8693 Online quiz ch 1b 1c Objective of course consider concepts of health disease and aging from a systems biology perspective Systems biology logic units and information flow in biological systems Holismreductionism traditional science research Reassembly th5 core concept of biology namely logic units and information flow in biological systems 1 The cell 2 The gene3 Evolution 4 Life as chemistry Biological concepts of health from systems biology perspective of adult human 1 Each adult human can be considered as unique biological system y In spite of remarkable genetic similarity to primates like chimps 98 genetic homology in coding regions and even to insects like fruit flies 65 genetic homology its the emergent properties of adult human biological system that makes humans unique in biosphere y 999 genetic homology among humans emergent properties produce incredible variation among individuals within human species occurs to such an extent that the concept of human races and ethnicgeographic identities is disputed because the difference between individuals within a race exceeds difference between races Identical twins perfect homology different disease endpoints y 1 human race more individual variation than ethnic y Humans are very unique 5000 cultures 3000 languages 100 forms of music etc y y Humans are very similar to other animals coding gene sequences basic biology 2 Adult human biological system has control and communication network that coordinates functions of person y Components of control and communication network are o Central nervous systemBrainSpinal cord
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