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BIOL*1090 Notes - Cytoskeleton

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BIOL 1090
Marc Coppolino

BIOLOGYThe Cytoskeletoncytoskeleton dynamic network of interconnected filaments and tubules that extends throughout the cytosol and some organelles or eukaryotesA Functionstructural support o actin filaments intermediate filaments microtubulesspatial organization within the cell o microtubules o organelles do not just float around they associate with the cytoskeletonintracellular support o microtubulescontractility and motility o actin filamentsmotor proteins are most closely associated with microtubules and actin filaments as intermediate filaments are not generally a part of the vesicular transport processMicrotubules Overviewlargest cytoskeletal element 25nm diameterpolymer of proteins tubulin and tubulintwo major types o axonemal microtubuleshighly organized stablemight form permanent part of the cell part of structures axoneme involved in cell movement example flagella cilia o cytoplasmic microtubulesloosely organized very dynamiclocated within the cell in the cytosolA Structure andheterodimers form long protofilamentsheterodimers aligned in same direction head to tail o creates polarityMTs have fastgrowing plus end and slowgrowing minus endstructural polarity is important for MT growthshrinkage and direction of movement of material along MT 13 protfilaments form a longitudinal array o hollow cylinderheterodifferentdimertwo
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