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BIOL 1500
Scott Brandon

 Cannabis sativa is the most often smoked, but may be chewed, prepared as eta or eaten in baked goods  Hashish: much stronger than marijuana and is produced by removing and ring the resin exudates of the tops of high quality cannabis plants  Originally the hemp plant was used in manufacturing cloth and rope but then it was noted for its treatment for rheumatism, gout, depression, cholera and neuralgia  When alcohol was banned more and more people started using this for pleasure Effects of Marijuana Psychological Effects  Intoxication depends on its potency and size of dose  Makes them feel relaxed and sociable  Large doses bring rapid shifts in emotion, to dull attention, to garment thought and to impair memory  Time seems to move more slowly  Extremely heavy doses – hallucinations and other effects similar to LSD (extreme panic)  Major active chemical in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)  The amount of this is variable  Daily users are more likely to use multiple substances and suffer from an anxiety disorder  Being high on marijuana impairs the complex psychomotor skills necessary for driving  Studies show a diminished IQ score for heavy users but not light users Somatic Effects  Short term effects are bloodshot and itchy eyes, dry mouth and throat, increased appetite, reduced pressure within the eye and somewhat raised eye blood pressure  It elevates heart rate sometimes dramatically  Long term use seriously impairs lung structure and function  Marijuana users smoke fewer cigarettes than tobacco smokers but retain it in their lungs for much longer periods of time  The timing of starting marijuana matters a lot also  If people develop a physical dependency on marijuana, it is less serious than dependency on nicotine, cocaine and alcohol  Experienced smokers need only a few hits or puffs to become high from a marijuana cigarette, whereas less experienced users puff many times to reach a similar state of intoxication Therapeutic Effects  THC and related drugs can reduce the nausea and loss of appetite that accompany chemotherapy for some cancer patients  Marijuana often appears to reduce nausea when other anti-nausea agents fail  It’s also a treatment for the discomforts of AIDS as well as glaucoma, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis  THC has been demonstrated to relieve pain by blocking pain signals from injuries or inflammations and thereby preventing
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