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Lecture 3

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BIOL 1500
Shoshanah Jacobs

Humans in the Natural World Week 3 Notes Niche: An ecological role and space that an organism fills in an ecosystem. Habitat. Predator, prey, producer, consumer, decomposer, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, pescivore… Really important and really cool: - When there are environmental (or ecological) changes, species can adapt their niche in order to survive. (i.e. Polar bear, Galapagos Finches) - Or when a species is separated geographically into regions with different environmental conditions, they will adapt their niche in order to survive. (i.e. Yamana and Shelknam) Human are different because they occupy a diversity of niches. They are also different because they can change their environment in order to change their niche. Ecosystem: Community of living organisms in conjunction with non- living components interacting as a system. Interaction = impact Adding and subtracting from an ecosystem will have an impact… probably negative from our perspective. Beavers are awesome and they have the second largest footprint of all species on the p
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