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Lecture 2

BIOL 2400 Lecture 2: Origin of Life Class Notes

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University of Guelph
BIOL 2400
Teresa Crease

BIOL*2400 Dr. Crease Winter 2017 Origin of Life Lecture 2 Origin and History of Life Life: Populations capable of evolving by natural selection Requirements for Evolutions o 1. Variation Genotype o 2. Inheritance Genotype o 3. Excess reproductive output Selfreplication o 4. Variation in survivalreproduction Phenotype Appearance of major groups of organisms Three Phases in the Origin in Life o Synthesis of organic building blocks from inorganic chemicals Simple organic molecule on which life is built may have formed in space and fallen to Earth (Murchison Meteorite) Amino acids, nucleic acids, sugars o Assembly of building blocks into polymers Ex. RNA contains and transmits information o Development of cellular compartments Cell membranes, organells The OparinHaldane Model 1. Nonbiological processes synthesized organic molecules 2. Organic building blocks assembled into biological polymers 3. Assemblage of biological polymers assembled into selfreplicating organism that fed off existing organic molecules RNA World Hypothesis Primordial life form thought to have been RNAbased living system Discovery of ribozymes by Altman and Cech in 1989 showed RNA has catalytic activity
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