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BIOL 3010
Scott Schau

Outline of Lecture 09 Spatial Patterning in Vertebrates I. A/P Patterning (role of Hox) A) Previously primitive node was thought responsible, but evidence points to AVE; Hox genes are also important in establishing the A/P pattern B) Hox gene structure: see lecture 07, esp. collinearity with expression and RA sensitivity C) Hox Code - Theory that the combination of expressed Hox genes determines dev. pathway for that region (fewer HOX genes expressed anteriorly, more expressed posteriorly) - Evidence: loss of function gives more anterior structure; gain of expr by retinoic acid gives more posterior structure; boundaries of Hox expression and segmental boundaries coincide D) Regulation of Hox genes: as node regresses posteriorly, RA levels increase, and this activates the more posterior Hox genes II. D/V Patterning A) Role of Shh in neural tube development - Sonic hedgehog (Shh) is expressed in notochord, then in neural floor plate (ventral part of neural tube) - Both of these tissues can induce neural floor plate formation - Concentration of Shh determines fate of cells (ventral tissues have highest Shh exposure) B) Inductive signals in D/V patterning of neural tube - B
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