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Conservation Biology - 3. Global Diversity

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BIOL 3130
Andrew Mac Dougall

Conservation Biology Lecture Notes3 Global BiodiversityBiodiversity crisis Were in an age of increased species loss and increased risk of extinctionGlobal biodiversity a termed coined by ED Wilson popularized in 1988I Defining BiodiversityCan be confusingThe sum total of all living thingsNeeded a precise quantitative measureCurrently a bewildering array of diversity indices Magurran1988oRichness measure ofof species in a given areaoAbundance the number of individuals in each speciesoDominance species with most competitive advantage impacts relevantirrelevantoEvenness a numerical scale A comprehensive approach to biodiversity conservation must address multiple levels of biological organization and many different spatial and temporal scalesA true measure of diversity is quantifying the number of species in a given area as well as their relative abundance some are common and some are rare Biodiversity is hierarchicaloGenes populations communities ecosystemsoShortand longtime intervalsoLocal and regional oHuman diversity language land useGenetic DiversityoAllelic diversity of genesoPossible combinations are enormousoVariability as the source for speciationoVariability as the source for future changesoNew techniquesnew era for genetic studies of biodiversityPopulationlevel DiversityoA group of individuals of a species living in an area at the same timeoVariability as the source for speciationoVariability as the source for future changesDiversity of SpeciesoSpecies A group of actually or potentially interbreeding natural populations that are reproductively isolated from other such groupso2 million cataloged species1050 million in total
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