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Conservation Biology - 6. The Protected - The Unprotected

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University of Guelph
BIOL 3130
Andrew Mac Dougall

Conservation Biology Lecture Notes6 The protected the unprotectedThe eternal external threatIt is shortsighted to rely only on parks you can not expect to put a fence around a population and expect that population to persist parks are not a solutionOptimistic estimate 80 of the planet will be outside In most countries many rare species and ecosystems occur extensively or exclusively on unprotected landsParadox protected within but not outside threatening those withinwe are endangering species in parks from the everchanging world outside of the parks Keeping them in these parks disallows them from adaptation as well as threatens them because of the human modified landscapes that surround them there are baiting grounds traps and hunting grounds surrounding parksthe paradox is that the smaller the park the more likely the animals that are being protected within it have natural ranges that require more spaceClassic Unprotected Protected areas include cemeteries railroads military bases war zones mountains and deserts private game reserves community pastures and private property Mili
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