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Conservation Biology - 7. Ecosystem Management

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BIOL 3130
Andrew Mac Dougall

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Conservation Biology: Lecture Notes
7. Ecosystem Management
Multi use
- Merging conservationism (Pinchot) with conservation…
Former: forestry, mining, grazing, fishing, camping
New: all these….+ species, communities, and ecosystem services
- Involves adding an extra value to management
- Ex: Ecological Forestry
“new wave” techniques
oThere are different to removing wood
oLeave 15% of live trees
oHelicopter logging
Economic pressure:
oIt is the human component
oThere are economic pressures from the public (i.e. with home depot), and
this drives the success of ecosystem management.
oIt is one of the biggest ways to contribute as what you bye as a consumer
dictates management criteria
Forest Certification
oA tool for forestry organizations to have their forest management practices
assessed to maintain access to consumer markets.
oThere is competition between certification organizations
oCertification is to maintain standards
Human dominated environments
- Agriculture–dominates >1/3 of the Earth's landscape
- Today we are attempting to make agriculture more hospitable for wildlife
Traditional agriculture vs. Modern
Organic vs. Industrial
- Ex: Shade-grown Coffee
Historically, coffee trees were forest understory; grew slowly and took longer for
their fruits to ripen.
As demand increased, more production by planting trees in full sun and
eventually on large coffee plantations.
Massive deforestation throughout colonial regions worldwide
Environmental implications of coffee industry:
oIncreased light = weeds (herbicides)
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