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Lecture 20

Lecture 20

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BIOL 4150
Andrew Mac Dougall

Population Ecology Lecture NotesLecture 20Life TablesDeveloped in the early 1900s insurance industryAbundance quantifies a populations balance between births and deaths through time An age specific account of mortality and survivalBegins with a COHORToA group of individuals born in the same period of timeQuestionsoWhat is the survivorship through timeoWhat are the birth rates of survivorsoWhat is the rate of mortality by age class oIf survivorship increased by 05 per year what does this mean for the size of the adult populationExample cohort of 530 squirrels born in a forest woodloto x time in years onx individuals alive at time xolx probability at birth of surviving to a given age o dx agespecific mortality the number of individuals that died during the time interval can also be expressed as a proportionoqx agespecific mortality ratethe number of individuals that died during the time interval dx divided by the number alive at its beginning nx xnxlxdxqx0530100 n0n0371 n0n1070 d0n01159030 n1n079 n1n2050 d1n1280015 n2n032040348009270554210042607950015100560000
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