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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 & 15

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BIOL 4150
Andrew Mac Dougall

Population Ecology Lecture NotesLecture 14 15 Theory of island biogeographyEcosystem Function1Invasion resistance2Net primary productivity increases with diversity resources are more effectively utilized3Resilience to climatic events with more diversity there is more likelihood that there is a species that can tolerate an climatic eventCase Study MacArthur and WilsonTheory of Island Biogeography 1967The number of species found on an island the equilibrium number determined by distance from the mainland and island size Equilibrium extinction and dispersal Distance Effect Islands closer to the mainland receive more immigrantsSize effect Higher extinction risk on smaller islandsExtinction would increase due to1the presence of more species creates a larger pool for potential extinctions2as the number of species on an island increases the population size of each diminishes increasing risk of extinction3as the number of species on an island increases the potential for competition increasesA as competition increases dispersal decreases and the number of species in the community also decreasesB as dispersal decreases the number of species in the community also decreases
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