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Lecture 26

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BIOL 4150
Andrew Mac Dougall

Population Ecology Lecture NotesLecture 26Lotka Volterra Competition ModelStart with the logistic equation In populations that have overlapping generations the logistic curve is described by the logistic equation The LotkaVolterra equations which describe competition between organisms are based on the logistic curve Each of these two equations shows the effect of intraspecific within a species competition only Things to rememberoGause Two species with generally similar needsone will eventually displace the other interspecific effects are not equivalentoGenerally the strength of intraspecific competition exceeds interspecific competitionExample 1Suppose 10 individuals of species 2 have the same inhibitory effect on an individual of species 1 as does a single individual of species 1 Then the TOTAL competitive effects ON species 1 intra and interspecific will be equivalent toNN10 species 1 individuals12o110 in the case of this example is the COMPETITION COEFFICIENT and is calledconverts species 2 individuals into an equivalent number of species 1 individualso01 intraspecific competition is much fiercer than interspecific competitionExample 2 It takes 1 individual of species 2 to produce the same inhibitory effect of ONE individual of species 1 on itselfo 10 Intraspecific competition equals interspecific competition
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