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Lecture 7

BIOM 2000 Lecture 7: BIOM*2000 Final Review (Unit 7 onward)

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Biomedical Sciences
BIOM 2000
Carol Armstrong

BIOM *2000 Review Notes Unit 7: Anatomy of the Urinary System Kidneys Divided into regions: o Renal Cortex (the outer region) o Renal Medulla (the inside region) o Renal Pelvis (inner collecting tube) Ureters, Urinary Bladder and Urethra Attached to each kidney is a ureter, which connects it to the bladder Ureter uses peristalsis Bladder has the unique ability to stretch without trying to contract, allowing it to fill without feeling the urge to pee. Only once it reaches a certain point do we need to pee. 2 sphincters control the release of urine: o Internal urethral sphincter (involuntary) o External urethral sphincter (voluntary) Nephrons Each kidney contains about one million nephrons Responsible for forming urine Components: (in order) o Glomerular or Bowmans Capsule (renal cortex) o Proximal Convoluted tubule o Loop of Henle (renal cortex or medulla depending on the type of nephron) o Distal convoluted tubule (renal cortex) o Collecting duct The DCT of several nephrons run into a common duct which drains into the renal pelvis via the renal pyramids Not considered an actual part of the nephron Nephrons and Capillaries Nephrons are associated with two capillary beds o Glomerulus capillary bed Specialized for filtration High pressure within forces fluid and solutes out of blood and into Bowmans Capsule o Peritubular capillary bed Normal capillary, low pressure Arise form the afferent arterioles of the glomerulus Adapted for absorption Closely associated with various regions of the renal tube so they can reabsorb some substances from the collecting tubes Arterioles deliver and take away blood from the glomerulus Urine Formation 3 major renal processes: 1. Glomerular Filtration: Water and solutes smaller than proteins are forced through the capillary walls and pores of the Glomerular capsule into the renal tubule.
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