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University of Guelph
Biomedical Sciences
BIOM 2000
Tami Martino

Unit 8 Intestinal tract digestion absorption and metabolismChapter 14 The Digestive System and Body Metabolismpp 468479 9th pp 464474 10th up to the section on Accessory Digestive Organspp 481487 9th pp 477483 10th beginning at the section on Functions of the Digestive Systempp 490493 9th pp 484488 10th up to Part II Nutrition and Metabolism pp 495502 9th pp 491498 10th beginning at the section on Metabolism up to the section on Body Energy BalanceSummary pp 512514 9th 507509 10thPart 1 ANAROMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEMAlimentary canal gastrointestinal GI tract ingests digests absorbs and defecatesoCoiled hollow tube through the ventral body cavity is open at both ends oMouth pharynx esophagus stomach small int large int o9 m longMouth a mucous membranelined cavityoLips labia protect openoCheeks lateral wallsoHard palate anterior roof VS soft palate posterior further back roofUvula fingerlike protection of the sort palateoVestibule space bw lips and cheeks externally and the teethgums internallyoTongue several bony attachments hyoid bone and the styloid processes of the skulloLingual frenulum fold of mucous membrane secures the tongue to the floor of the mouth short one tongue tiedoPalatine tonsils are farther back of the oral cavity paired to lymphatic tissueoLingual tonsil when inflamed or enlarged they partially black the entrance into the throat pharynx swallowing is painfulhardoFood enters mixed w saliva and masticated chewedoBreakdown of food beginsPharynx throatoFood passes into the oropharynxposterior and laryngopharynx continuous w esophagus below common passages for food fluids and airoSubdivided into the nasopharynx part of the respiratory passagewayoWalls contain 2 skeletal muscles alternating contractions propel food down to the esophagus action called peristalsisEsophagusgullet
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