BUS 2090 Lecture Notes - Organizational Commitment

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2 Feb 2013
BUS*2090 Lecture Notes
January 29th 2013
Value is things you find important & whats right & whats wrong
Must be fit between personal values & organization’s values
Why is value important
Provide understanding of the attitudes, motivation & behaviours of individuals & their culture
They influence our perception of the world
Tells us what is right & what is wrong
Hofstede model
The extent to which people are uncomfortable w/ uncertain & ambiguous situations
Strong uncertainty avoidance cultures stress rules & regulation
5 factors
Power distance: members of society accept an unequal distribution of power
Individualism/collectivism: Independence, individual initiative & privacy Vs. interdependence
& loyalty to one’s family
Long-term/Short-term Orientation: LT stresses persistence, perseverance, thrift & close
attention to status differences
Implications of Cultural Variation
Exporting OB theories
Importing OB theories
Appreciating global customers
Developing global employees
Evaluating statements or judgements concerning objects, people or events
Has cognitive, affective & behavioural component
Fairly stable
More specific than values
Its an evaluation that evokes a consistent response
Attitude behaviour Relationship
Whether or not a person has had direct experience w/ the behaviour
The attitude/behaviour relationship is stronger if it refers to something in our direct personal experience
Cognitive Dissonance
Any incompatibility between 2 or more attitudes or between behaviour & attitudes
Theory says people will attempt to reduce the dissonance (discomfort)
Major Job Attitudes
Organizational commitment = identifying w/ organization & its goals
Affective: emotional attachment to organization
Continuance: Economic value of staying
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