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University of Guelph
BUS 2090
Hassan Wafai

BUS*2090 Lecture Notes th January 15 2013 Personality & Learning What is personality?  Relatively stable  Psychological characterizes  Influences the way a person interacts with their environment  Comes from genetics (heredity) & long-term learning history (experiences)  How you act & interact Personality & Organizational Behaviour  By understanding personality we can understand behaviour  “Person-situation debate”: Focuses on situation & 1. The Interactionist Approach:  Must understand personality & situation  Most widely accepted approach to OB  There are weak situations (there are rules & regulations) & strong situations (less regulations)  Not every personality will fit in every situation  Emphasizes importance of fit between personality & situation 2. The Dispositional Approach 3. The Situational Approach The Big 5 Model of Personality Dimensions Argues there are 5 measures of personality… 1. Extroversion: Sociable, assertive vs. withdrawn & shy  More impulsive (risky behaviour)  Usually happier in life (more friends) 2. Agreeableness: Good-natured, cooperative & trusting  Are slightly happier  Romantic partners, friends & team members 3. Conscientiousness: Responsible, dependable, persistent, & Organized Vs. cold, rude  Live more (take better care of selves)  Less creative especially artistic  Cant adapt to change (organized & ordered) 4. Emotional stability: Clam, self-confident, secure, vs. nervous, depressed & insecure  Happier  Faster decision making 5. Openness to experience: Imaginativeness, artistically sensitive & intellectualism Vs. Dull, unimaginative  Creative in science & art  Less religious  Politically liberal  The “Big 5” are related to work motivation, job satisfaction & like satisfaction  Can predict job search outcomes and career succes
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