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University of Guelph
BUS 2090
Hassan Wafai

BUS*2090 Lecture Notes (Chapter 3- Perception, Attribution & Diversity) th January 22 2013 Perception: The process of interpreting the message of our senses to provide order & meaning to the environment  Actions are based on perception NOT reality 3 component of perception… 1. Receiver: The way receiver interprets situation depends on experience, needs & emotions Perceptual Defense: “People see what they want to see” 2. Situation: 3. Target: Ambiguous targets are especially susceptible to interpretation and the addition of meaning Social Identity Theory  Think about “Who am I”  Perception depends on social category including personal identify & social identity  Personal identity: How you see self (e.g see yourself smart you will act smart)  Social identity: What group you belong to Developing Perception  Look for evidence to support perceptions  Bruner’s Model *  Perception is characterized as being selective (choose to ignore certain traits/cues), Constant (“getting off on wrong foot”) & consistent ( Select, ignore and distort cues to form a homogeneous picture of the target) Basic Biases in Person Perception  Primacy & recency effects  The reliance on early
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