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University of Guelph
BUS 2090
Hassan Wafai

BUS*2090 Lecture Notes th January 24 2013 Workforce Diversity  Refers to differences among recruits and employees in all characteristics (gender, race, age, religion etc.  Surface level diversity: gender, race etc.  Deep level diversity: different values, beliefs etc. Stereotypes & workforce diversity  A major barrier  Tend to generalize about people  Common stereotypes are based on gender, age race & ethnicity Racial & Ethnic Stereotypes  Career tracking based on racial or ethnic stereotyping is common  Organizations are reflections of the environments of which they are part of  More the society respects diversity the more the organization will  Racial stereotypes are persistent, usually negative & often contradictory Gender Stereotypes  Women are severely underrepresented in managerial & admin jobs  Women hold only 14.4% of corporate officer positions  Stereotypes of women don't match well w/ stereotypes of business people or managers  E.g Emotional Age Stereotypes  Often have perception older people are less productive  Actually no difference in performance of older & younger employees  HRM Practices
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