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CHEM 1040
Lori Jones

Review Questions 1. CH CH3CH )CHCH3 2 + [ ?? ] → CH CH(CH3)CH(Br)C3 3 2. What is the most likely major product when 2-methylpentane is treated with Br /hv? 2 3. What is the product of the oxidation of 2-propanol? 4. What is the product of the reaction of the following with H O/H SO ? 2 2 4 CH 2 i) 1-methylcyclopentene ii) 5. What is the product of benzaldehyde plus ethanol? 6. Which of the following are chiral? 7. Describe the synthetic steps necessary to form 1) acetone from propane 2) N-ethylethanamide from ethane. 8. Draw the Lewis structure for C 22– and give the formal charges for each carbon atom. 9. Draw the Lewis structure for nitrite ion, give the formal charges and predict the shape. 10. How many sigma and pi bonds are present in H CSCN? 3 11. A solution of bleach, sodium hypochlorite, labeled “0.030M NaClO”, had a pH of 10.00. CalculaKte afor HClO. 12. Write NIE’s for the reactions that occur when nitric
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