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University of Guelph
CHEM 1040
Johnathan Vandersteen

PeriodicPropertiesIonization EnergyThe energy needed to remove an e from a gaseous atom MUST BE GASEOUS TO REMOVE ATOMAdelta EnergyAegAs e are removed the corresponding ionization energies get much biggerGoing down periodic table ionization energy gets smaller as the electrons are further away from the nucleus so they are less attracted to the positive chargeGoing across periodic table the ionization energy increasesApplicationStreet lights Cesium in street lights are hit by photons from the sun causing a release of eElectron AffinityThe energy released when a gaseous atom gains an eAeAdelta E Delta E is negativeGoing across periodic table electron affinity increases as the nuclear attractions for its e is very much increased Atoms expend more energy to gain e to get octet e arrangementGoing down the periodic table electron affinity decreases as the nucleus is less willing to give energy to gain eIonization Energy and Electron Affinity show the same trends but for different reasonsElectronegativity
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