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CHEM 1050
Mario Monteiro

ReviewMole amount of a substance that contains as many entities as there are in 12g of carbon12 23this is Avogardos number ie 6022 x 10 exact sameof particles anything a specific and convenient 2323A mole of hydrogen is 6022 x 10 atoms a mole of chips is 6022 x 10 individual chips1212Atomic mass unit one C atom has a mass of 12 amu therefore 1 mole of C weighs 12g one 24Mg atom has a mass of 24 amu therefore 1 mole weighs 24gThe atomic mass of one individual atom or molecule is measured in amu ex 12amuOne whole mole of this atom or molecule weighs that same value in grams ex 12amu for one atom is 12g for one mole of the same atom23ie The mass of a mole 6022 x 10 of any substance atom of molecule is always equal to the formula weight expressed in grams ex one HO molecule weighs 18 amu so 21 mole weighs 18gIdeal gas law PVnRTThis equation describes the relationship between pressure volume concentration moles and temperature
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