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Chapter 9 Summary

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CHEM 1050
Dennis Baker

Chapter 9 A chemical bond is a strong attractive force that exists between certain atoms in a substance 91 Describing Ionic Bonds Ionic Bond a chemical bond formed by the electrostatic attraction between positive and negative ions When large numbers of ions gather together they form an ionic solid Lewis electrondot symbol a symbol in which the electrons in the valence shell of an atom or ion are represented by dots placed around the letter symbol of the elementEnergy Involved in Ionic Bonding If atoms come together and bond there should be a net decrease in energy because the bonded state should be more stable and therefore at a lower energy level The transfer of the electron and the formation of an ionic bond occur simultaneously rather than in discrete steps as the atoms approach one anotherNaCly Removing the electron from the Na atom requires energy first ionization energyy Adding the electron to the Cl atom releases energy electron affinityy It requires more energy to remove an electron from the Na atom than is gained when the electron is added to the Cl atom the formation of ions from the atoms is not in itself energetically favorableWhen Positive and negative ions bond however more than enough e
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