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CHEM 2820
Dan Meegan

Bill of Right 1689What was it The Bill of Rights laid out certain basic rights for at the time all Englishmen It lays down limits on the powers of the crown and sets out the rights of Parliament and rules for freedom of speech in Parliament the requirement for regular elections to Parliamentand the right to petition the monarch without fear of retributionThe Act set out that there should beno royal interference with the law Though the sovereign remains the fount of justice he or she cannot unilaterally establish new courts or act as a judgeno taxation by Royal Prerogative The agreement of the parliament became necessary for the implementation of any new taxesfreedom to petition the monarch without fear of retributionno standing army may be maintained during a time of peace without the consent of parliament7no royal interference in the freedom of the people to have arms for their own defence as suitable to their class and as allowed by law simultaneously restoring rights previously taken from Protestants by James IIno royal interference in the election of members of parliamentno excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishments may be imposedTowhatextentdidthesedocuments
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