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Lecture 3

CLAS 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Lion Gate, Archiac, Korail Class 1000

Classical Studies
Course Code
CLAS 1000
John Walsh

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Class 1000
Mycenae to Macedon
1) Bronze Age 3000-1200 BCE
2) Dark Age 1200-800 BCE
3) Archiac Period 776-490/80 BCE
4) Classical Period 490/80-323 BCE
5) Hellenistic Period 323-30 BCE
-East enlightening the west is described as ex orient lux
Linear A —> Linear B (1400 BCE)
-Power shifted from Minoan to Mainland, which can be seen in the writing systems
-Linear A can still not be read
-This is very unusual in history for this to happen
-Linear B has been translated by Micheal Ventris and John Chadwick
-The overlap of the 2 cultures can be seen on Vapheio Cups, the cups are Mycenaean
but the bulls on them are Minoan
Mycenae is the eponymous city of the culture
-Lion gate is the entrance to the city-state
-Not similar to Knossos, because it has a huge gate and protective wall
-Mycenaeans project power
-In Centre of Minoan, open air courtyard, Megaron inside Mycenaean (chamber-like
-Grave Circle A, they find war-like things that further prove that Mycenaeans are
warriors vs the Minoans who are more artists
-They find burial daggers, they have an obsession with weapons
-On daggers, they see scenes of fighting and war
-Much of the Mycenae art shows war, unlike Minoans love of nature
-Mask of Agamemnon was found here as well
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