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Lecture 5

CLAS 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Ennius, Hoplomachus, Secutor

Classical Studies
Course Code
CLAS 1000
John Walsh

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Latin Literature (cont.)
Menander new comedy
Homer Iliad and Odyssey
Quintus Ennius Annales (universal Roman history)
Bellum Punicum (Punic War) epic poem
Chieftain of the Senones
He defeated the Romans
Entertainment in the Roman World
Secutor warrior that found in the theatre
Res Publica plans ludi
Roman Entertainment
1. Circus
Circus Maximus
Auriga - rider
2. Gladiatorial Contests
Flavina Amphitheatre Colosseum
Munera privately funded games
o Used to buy the love of citizens
3. Wild Beast Hunts
4. Executions
4 teams
Nero loved the green team
Gladiator fights started off as a homage for funerals.
Cestus ancient battle gloves
Gallus small jabber
Hoplomachus shield
Equites equestrian warrior
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