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Lecture 19

CLAS 2000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Polyphemus

Classical Studies
Course Code
CLAS 2000
John Walsh

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Long-haired Achaeans
Greeks are referred to as Achaeans in the Odyssey
Linguistic evidence of the existence of the city of Troy
Uses Odyssey and Illiad as guides
Found in Hisarlik the remains of ancient city
The city Schliemann found is said to be burned down in 1200 BC
Hector's father is dragged away from temple and is killed by Achilles
Grabs her by hair and rapes her and is found in hands of Agamemnon and
then murdered by Clytemnestra
Found clinging to statue of Apollo, found by Ajax (the miner)
Thrown from walls of Troy like other babies
Hector's son
Taken by Greek's
Princess of Troy
Held over the grave of Achilles and they slit her throat
Prince of Troy who flees from the war
Hes son of Aphrodite and Anchises
He finds the people in which the Roman themselves are descendent
In media res .. "plot spiral" - lotophagoi
Odysseus is King of Ithaca
Beginning the story from the middle and then filling it in
"in media res"
He told them after war his men and him sailed home and were faced with
He can outwit his stomach in order to live to a higher purpose
One of his first stops is amongst the people lotophagoi (the lotus eaters)
They are seduced and lured by the lotus and they abandon the want to go
The lotus is a wonderful plant that releases euphoria
Has moral strength to deny the lotus
Odysseus must show quality of leadership that he turns back against the lotus
and he lures his men back home
Lecture 19
Wednesday, March 06, 2013
11:18 AM
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