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Classical Studies
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CLAS 2000
John Walsh

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On island of Seriphos, Polydectys throws a party
A horse
He demands a present from everyone
Hes in an economic disadvantage
It will result in such terrible shame so he will have to exile himself
But he says he will bring him the head of medusa
He arrives at the party and is ridiculed for not bringing a horse
Medusa begins the fourth gorgon
She is transformed into it unlike the others
It’s a hideous beast
She was noted for having snake hair and an appearance so horrific, that if you look at her, you would
turn to stone
She wasn’t always a gorgon, or horrifically ugly
Her transformation was pervanity around her beauty
She was a virgin priestess of Athena
She was a great beauty, and known for her thick, lustrous hair,
Punishment was due according to the greeks
She was punished for her excessive beauty, so she was transformed into a gorgon
Being raped, and having virginity being stolen, no one can even look at her anymore
Medusa was seen by Poseidon, and was attracted by her and raped her
Lives at end of the world
Men want her head to petrify enemies
Her head is identified as a great potential weapon,
Offers to cut off the head of Medusa and bring it to the party
Sets off on his quest
From Hermes he receives the ability of flight, through winged sandles or winged cap
From Athena, he receives a highly polished shield and a very sharp curved sword
From Hades, a bag to place her head in
He receives divine assistance from Zeus
Gains info from wearabouts from lots of places
Island of the golden apples
The Graeae
Three blind sisters that can tell him where Medusa lives
They share a single eye
Comes across 3 old witches
Then throws it away
He steals their eye so they can tell him where Medusa lives
Present him with devine instruments
Sets off to hunt down medusa
Hermes and Athena are figuratively present
He comes to her while hes sleeping, then uses the shield to look at Medusa, and decapitates her
Lecture 23
Friday, March 15, 2013
11:24 AM
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